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  1. @Andy Y Hi, nice to hear from you. Good move to the Natal Midlands, nice climate and it is the Garden province. I actually changed direction once I found out more about the modular design of the Victron which required add-ons to get it working properly and the extra expensive cable to connect to the PC. I then decided on a MicroCare unit which has a built in display, is easy to set-up and importantly made in RSA. I went the LifePo4 do it yourself route and followed what others have done, using a smart BMS and it seems to work like a charm so far. I have no PV panels either, but will get s
  2. @LouisvdwI wish to thank you ever so much for your patience and being prepared to provide useful advice to my query on a Victron inverter and batteries a month or more ago. I also thank other forum members who responded to my request with input. I finally decided to purchase a 3 Kw MicroCare Inverter from PE and 16 x LifePo4 cells from Lithium Batteries with a Smart BMS. The MicroCare charge/voltage settings used were recommended by Bain of Lithium Batteries. I installed the unit and the battery pack and commissioned it on 2020-10-20. It has worked for a month without problem and the batt
  3. Louisvdw Many thanks for answering my numerous questions, I have a few more to ask if possible: The non GX Multiplus with a DIY LifePo4 works for you. The Cerbo GX add-on comes at 5k+, can I avoid buying it or is it a must have for the Raspberry Pi? Where does your Pi connect to? As I am not going the Pylontech route, I would not need the VE.Can to Can-Bus BMS cable. I would actually like to get away with just the Multiplus and the MK3 cable and not have GX at this stage and use the "DIY" LifePo4, will this work? Bain (Lithium supplies) has a Smart BMS shown below
  4. Louisvdw Back again, thank you for the feedback, much appreciated. I do not have an MPPT nor intend adding one at this time, I think you might have your BMS interconnect into the MPPT? I am only looking at purchasing an inverter with the USB MK3 cable. 3.2v 120Ah cells are available right now. Lithium also supplies a BMS, the model BMS does not have bluetooth or outputs to the inverter, would you like to comment on whether you think this might work, the responsibility is mine alone, I would value your opinion? They are out of stock on the smart BMS but if necessary I would wait. I phoned
  5. Louisvdw I apologize for this list of questions before I begin and I hope you can and will be willing to share your knowledge with me. A few items are unfamiliar to me and that is why call on the one who knows to reveal these secrets. I do appreciate your full install 48v Victron system and would like to copy it and use it in my installation if you don't mind. It did not take long to discover that where inverters are concerned, the more I know, the less I find that I know and I am most grateful to those on the forum who have interacted with me and offered valuable advice. I discovered
  6. gooseberry Hi gooseberry, it is the exact model trolley supplied by a CT firm. The firm could not have been more helpful and co-operative with me but I am thinking of selling the unit for what I can get and buying a modular type like the Victron Multiplus after receiving numerous responses on power forum. However I have not made a final decision yet and have not closed my mind to further input from the forum. The battery spec I received today is: LifePo4 Battery TE12100C SPECS.pdf Hope this helps.
  7. gooseberry It's likely you have a 24V system (2 12V batteries in series) while the US2000 is a 48V bank. You can look at https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/frontpage/products/24v-120ah-3kwh-lifepo4-wall-mount-solar-ups-battery?variant=35354510950567 either get that or buy the cells and BMS listed separately and build it into your trolley. Just check if you can adjust the charging voltages to what Bain recommends on your system. Hi gooseberry Thank you, I will investigate and make contact with Bain re LifPo4. My hands are tied as far as settings are concerned as I cann
  8. Louisvdv, Many thanks for your input. Charge voltages are fixed by the trolley controller, I cannot change any parameters. The trolley supplier says it will not work with a Pylontech but will with a LifPo4. The Easysolar 48/3000/ on the pricelist is rather more expensive, although does include an MPPT and requires less wiring, switches etc. The Multiplus I know will require those add-ons but they will have to wait until my budget allows. I shall look into the Blue Nova LifPo4, thank you for the recommendations. How does one determine which Axpert clones are best?
  9. Swartkat, thank you for your time and passing on your experience. I really don't need to tinker but I definitely want to be able to configure and set parameters, something the trolley unit I have does not allow. The trolley is a one size fits all unit, connect it up, switch it on was the reason I bought it. Now I am doing what I should have done in the beginning, spending time looking into the ins and outs before parting with more money. I intend adding panels as soon as my budget allows but not immediately as I have to still jump over the first hurdles. Victron seems to have a good reputation
  10. Hi gooseberry, thank you for replying. The machine may not be broken as it still charges and delivers power from the batteries for a short time before the low voltage alarm goes and the gradient meter indicates battery voltage low and the main DC switch disconnects. I am reluctant to buy new batteries that last 18 months and without good batteries I cannot be absolutely sure the machine works as it should. The problem is; The low voltage cutoff is set at the highest option of 11.1 volts. Acid batteries apparently should not discharge below 50% or 12.2 volts on a 12 volt battery for it to last.
  11. Well I am very pleased to join the powerforum which I have followed for some time as an retired octogenarian, still able to get things done and living in the Natal midlands. In December 2018 I bought a trolley 1 kw pure sine wave inverter online with 2 x 12 volt 100 amp gel batteries. Eighteen months down the road, the batteries and unit no longer work, and the capital cost over 19 months amounts to R800.00 in capital cost per month, considering the short life. I had the unit connected through an independent separate distribution board and a 15 amp plug in each room with an LED globe in
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