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  1. Thank you, I will attempt this, I did find the password in the mean time, so I might be possible. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you CEF, noted and I understand. Great dashboard, much better than SEMS.
  3. Great tool thank you Cef. Can you let me know how you/they calculate Grid Imported Power outside of P.Invert.? Or where do you get it from? I have an installation where I have quite a few heavy users (appliances) of electricity that does not go through the inverter, and it does not show here when used. Your diagram shows exactly the configuration I have. Will appreciate.
  4. How do you manage the settings on you Goodwe Inverter (e.g. time based rules)? It must be through the installer application I presume? I have very limited ability on the app (SEMS Portal) that I have and not the login to the installer's app (PV Master). Can you advise how I can do more with the settings on the inverter?
  5. Yes I do, but need to fix the problem though. They might pay for damages but its recurring.
  6. The problem started after the installer worked on the wiring. The equipment that is damaged runs from the inverter at all times. The issue did not exist before.
  7. I read up on the wave form issue and according to the information I obained about the Goodwe Inverter is that it has a true Sine Wave. So it seems not to be the problem
  8. This might be it.. I will take up with the installer.
  9. The fridge guy said that there was a short between live and Neutral..
  10. Not all, but two small small bar fridges are on the backup side. I have two Pylon batteries 2.4Kwh ea. 4.8 Kwh total capacity backup. Not for a functional reason, rather bacause the electric circuit where the two fridges are also have the TV to be powered during backup times.
  11. Hi, I need some advice please: A Goodwe 4.6 Kwh Hybrid inverter was installed at my house late in 2020. Shortly after I had two fridges, an alarm system and the automatic gate motor damaged. Seems like the transformers and fridge compressors specifically sufferred. These are equipment that I had for a long time. but put them on the inverter output as part of the installation. Needless to say, after repairs it now happens again and again, even after I put in spike prevention plugs. Damage happens together with loadshedding occurances, I think. The installer is quite slow to assist and I would l
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