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  1. Thank you, I enjoyed the read..haha I decided to go for the 8kW Sunsync instead of the 5, just to give me room for upgrade. Future might install fencing and pool heatpump.
  2. From normal use calculated from monthly use, a 5kW inverter is sufficient. But since I have 3 old school fridge/freezers, I am afraid that peak power use might be more. I need to measure possible peak usage. Is it possible to hire a meter somewhere, or how is this usually done?
  3. Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated.
  4. I am not getting any feedback on this topic in the beginners sections, so I was hoping to someone here could guide me if this is a good purchase or not. Should I rather go with a Sunsync Inverter?
  5. @Gerrie can you share some detail regarding these Change Over switches? Thanks,
  6. What are the opinions regarding the locally build Microcare inverter, versus what seems to be popular brands on the forum, like Sunsync and Victron. I am by no means a local fan-boy, but a potential installer is opting for a Microcare inverter because of local support. However, from the conversation it seems like the units do have some issues from time to time, with tripping and overloading and there were mention of them requiring resetting. Is this the case for Microcare units? Is this a general case for all inverters? Does this only happen when the system is not sufficient for the
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