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Emon CMS Showcase


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With all the posts that's floating about Emoncms , I think it would be nice to showcase some of the designs floating about.

I for one really enjoy playing with emon as it gives you endless options to interpret the data on hand. You can littery plot or calculate any of the values that you equipment gives you and best of all you can customise your data the way you would like it to be.

Here is some picks of the dash boards:

Emon 4.png

Some Graphs

Emon 2.png


and even Cumulative data 

Emon 3.png

So what does yours look like? 



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As I have a small system, here is my start.

The SOC of my two battery banks are critical to balance the load to each bank. 

The more I use the batts at night, the more the panels need to produce next day to re-charge and power the load. 

And it works on my Windows phone browser, sizing nicely.

Emon Dash.jpg

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5 hours ago, TinkerBoy said:

... we can always clud together and set-up a Emon server with local bandwidth here in SA. Just a thought.

Note: This post is edited for I was wrong using a commercial name here. Let me rephrase the post, for the message did not come across as intended.

I have a problem with this thought. 

EmonCMS gives a free service and we all use it, some of us have included it in commercial software for which clients paid them a donation.

Yet if Emon start charging a little fee, ask for a donation, it is proposed that we club together and not support them anymore, under the auspice of a local bandwith SA server.

This can be interpreted on so many levels of wrong. Help me understand it on the right levels ... please?

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2 hours ago, Energy said:

Hi TTT. Sorry to be the Hoofseun, Lets keep all Solweb Info in the Solweb section :>

Thanks TTT


APOLOGIES @Energy you are right @TinkerBoy for pointing it out.

I was wrong to use the word SolWEB. Have adjusted the post, please refer back to it, to reflect what I actually meant to say.

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Jip . I think it is called hot linking. For the benefit of some newcomers to emon:

If you want to add a images to Emon the prosses is quite simple:

First you Select the Paragraph tool 2016-11-01_053056.png


Then insert and select configure 2016-11-01_053127.png


It will open the box where you could add text but it also makes provision for HTML code so you can hotlink just about anything. 2016-11-01_053214.png


Now I used a online HTML editor but you could use any editor , or if you know HTML you could just type it in , I dont so I used the editor.


Paste the code into the text box


and save there you have a image in Emon



Just a word of advice on hot linking some sites do not like it when you hotlink the images as you are using their bandwidth to display the image  also you dont have control over the image and it could be changed to anything. At one stage there was a rumor that a hot linked image was changed to a nasty porn image so rather not go there and use your own server. Dropbox is a good alternative as it was pointed out.

Most of all have fun!!



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Re own hosting. A "droplet" on DigitalOcean is 5 USD a month and more than capable enough :-) By far the easiest option I've found, and they even give you free DNS hostinf (though you have to register the domain yourself as well as set up the nameserver delegations).

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2 hours ago, TinkerBoy said:

@plonkster send me the detail. I will have a look at it. If it makes scense then I will move over now as you have a lot more options on your own server. You have more chart options and widgets. 


For 5 USD you get 512MB RAM, 20GB disk and 1TB transfer. 512 is plenty for basic apache and php. Even my app server of choice (python+pyramid) will easily run in that. It's on the small side if you want to do Tomcat/Jboss or Zope of course... :-)

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