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How to use the full 10kW PV capability of Infini 5k

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The Infini 5k can do a max of 5kW load and grid-tie combined and an additional 4.8kW of battery charge. So, by adding a cheap sine wave inverter (Axpert), the full PV capability can be used without a huge battery bank.
This arrangement allows one to use as much battery as one is comfortable to use on a daily basis, while being seamless in load shedding. Some simple switching gives one full access to the full 10kW off-grid if required.

Infini 5kw setup pic.png

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@ColinvS, how can I integrate these two inverters so I can use the 10 Kw PV arrray power during daytime.

In the above schematic (If i understand it right) only 4 Kw can be utelised.

Can I wire it so that I can use both the Infini and Axpert capacities?


I do have a Axpert and considder adding an Infini but would like to connect geysers to warm in turn plus the rest of the house EXCLUDING oven.

The idea would be to set Infini to be SGB. (Need advice on what the Axpert should be to accommodate demand at night time if tumble drier and dishwasher runs together e.g.)


If there is a solution - I will be happy - else will have to wire the DV in 3 separate strings:

Grid - Oven & AC

Axpert - Lights, TV and Fridges (with Batteries) (3 KW PV)

Infini rest without bats (think ............hmmmm what should I do) 3 + 3 Kw PV with feedback into grid when demand is lower than production.

(Lucky I can do the feedback legally)

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Like the Axpert, the Infini also needs batteries to run. Infini V = Axpert + grid-tie.

I don't understand the 10kW PV capability. I have this dual MPPT SCC Infini (5kW), but the specs say 6kW PV max. I assumed that means 2 x 3kW. 3kW for each SCC. I've overspecced mine slightly, to 3.6kW, but I'm not brave enough to put 5 kW of PV on my green machine per SCC.

Would be nice, if this were true!

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