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Lithium battery advice needed!


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Hi guys, I've got a bank of 8 x 6v Trojan T105-RE batteries connected to my Victron 48/3000 Multiplus with 2000W Solar and 150/70 Smartsolar MPPT.

I'm thinking of replacing the Trojans with Lithium but have no idea where to start looking. I'm looking in the direction of a 9.6Kwh/10.5Kwh battery which is going to cost me about R50k,

Do any of you have experience with a specific battery that's worth spending R50k on or maybe any other suggestions?

I will hopefully soon have a 48v Trojan T105-RE bank and BMV-702 for sale.

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1 hour ago, Czauto said:

Can you recommend any trustworthy distributor? I'm a bit sceptic about some of the online shops I've come across the past few days.

The Powerforum Store will give you objective advice on all battery brands. 

Pylontech, Freedom Won, Hubble, BSLB, Dyness etc. 










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2 hours ago, P1000 said:

Powerforum store?

To be honest, I completely forgot about the Forum store☺️. Funny enough none of my Google searches included something from the Powerforum store? A lot of other seemingly fraudulent sites yes. R50k is too much to be scammed out off.

I've immediately sent Jason an email.

It seems I'm way too inactive on the Forum since I've been running Victron products🤣

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