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Battery Terminals for Parallel Wiring


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I have a quick question that may sound a bit silly, but it has had me a puzzled for a while now.

My batteries arrived this morning (3x Dyness modules):



Now looking at the wiring diagram in the manual it seems quite straightforward to wire these in parallel: just connect all the + terminals together on one side, and - terminals on the other.

But when I look at other common lithium battery models, for example the Pylontech, I see it has 4 power terminals (2x + and 2x -):



So my question, for those who can enlighten me, is why do some batteries have 4 terminals? These seem to have something to do with their parallel configuration, but what is it doing exactly, compared to just having 2 terminals?


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@Dyness covered it.  The terminals are better in my opinion anyway.

On 2021/11/24 at 11:38 AM, Sir Rodgers said:

wire these in parallel

Just be sure to read the manual and make sure you do EXACTLY what they say if you want to go series or parallel.  Basically ensure that the number of cells in parallel, etc. is supported configuration.

Unlike other batteries, when you actually wire these in parallel or series you are wiring BMS' in parallel or series.  And those BMS' are electronic devices that have voltage and current limits, including whether or not they support parallel operation.

So it is nothing like unmanaged batteries where you can just go wild and all will be well.

I'm not saying you didn't do that, but just calling it out as something to be aware of

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Thanks @Dyness and @Gnome!

Yes, I carefully read the instruction manual. 😀  These can be wired in parallel. Since I am not as experienced with lithium batteries I just wasn't too sure what the extra terminals on some batteries were for, but thanks for clearing it up!

I think I like the bolt-on terminal design better. Looks like it will make a very secure connection.


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