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  1. Is it the inverter or the battery that the alarm sounds?Is there any alarm on the inverter?If the above method does not work, you have to update the battery program. The battery update program can solve your problem.
  2. In order for the inverter to not alarm and sound, there are only two methods, one is to upgrade the software of the battery for communication, and the other is to use the US2 mode. In the US2 mode, the charging voltage and cut-off voltage can be customized.
  3. you can set float voltage firstly,it means you can set program 20 firstly,then you can set the charge voltage in the program 19.
  4. You can first set the float charge voltage in item 20 to 52V, and then set the charge voltage in item 19 to 53V.
  5. You can look at the inverter's instruction manual. What is the voltage range set in item 19.like this:
  6. If it is in the communication state, the battery sends a command to the inverter that the battery voltage is too high, so the inverter will alarm 03&36, and then the inverter will stop charging the battery.
  7. Are you set to US2 mode? If the battery program supports the inverter, there is no need to upgrade. The software upgrade is for better use, and our software upgrade is free.
  8. If you find it troublesome to upgrade the software,or you can also use US2 mode. in the program 5 choose US2,then in the program 19 set the charge voltage to 53.5V, in the program 20 set the float charge voltage to 52.5V,in the program 21 set the cut off voltage to 47V.In this way, the battery can be used normally without warning.
  9. According to the serial number of the battery, I found that the battery program needs to be updated. In which city are you in, I will give you the contact information of the nearest after-sales location.
  10. Please provide the SN of the battery. You need to query the factory records of the battery. The battery software may need to be upgraded to solve the problem.
  11. This inverter can use 485 communication. If the battery software alarms 03&36, the battery software version needs to be upgraded.
  12. We are very sorry for your complaint. Upgrading the battery software is not a very simple task, because special tools and special software are needed, and there is a risk of crash due to improper operation. The operation to restore the battery is also very cumbersome. Dyness authorizes our third-party after-sales company to carry out the battery. For maintenance and software upgrades, third-party companies have obtained relevant operation training. I am sorry for your complaint again, and hope you can understand.
  13. Thank you for your attention to the products produced by dyness. Our company has adapted this inverter, and they can run perfectly.
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