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Goodwe = work of art.


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I got my Goodwe. I un-boxed it. This thing is a work of art. The build quality of the unit is amazing. Obviously it has not been connected but for the price I am very surprised at the build quality. It is similar or better that the Victron units that I have played with. Very solid. I got a smart meter and a connection device with all the connectors in the box. 







It has its own app and its own wifi connection.



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i dont have the EZ converter.... time to check with them... yep i have 3 goodwe's on one battery bank.

if yours does not have a seal on the cover, open and look at the internal build quality....it will surprise you as well.

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23 minutes ago, JDP said:

I never said Victron is bad quality. Just very overpriced for what you get.

I know I know... I'm kidding :-)

I've only heard good things about the Goodwe. And besides, everybody manufactures in China now.

Don't know how familiar you are with the site "Quora", a bit of a social media site but for asking questions. There was a question on there that amounted to "why can't China make good stuff" to which there was a very good answer: It is not that they can't, it's that they are asked not to by the American/European overlords who want to make the most profit.

When it comes to things like these, that are designed in Europe and built by contract to a certain spec, there's really no reason to look down on it :-)

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Its not installed yet. I am running a Infini 3Kw at the moment testing some stuff for a client. But I am on the farm at the moment working on a big project. Will install the Goodwe in the new year.

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