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Alarm Horn


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Hi All.

I need a bit of help, im playing a bit with a IR camera that closes a external relay of a 12V circuit.

The IR is in the garage so I hope it doesn't trigger by wind and so on.

My question is, the typical sirens that ADT would install at your home. In order to make that oscillating tone , I imagine this wouod required a circuit? Or is this build into the back of the DC siren.  Please excuse my ignorance,  I just enjoy playing.

Any help would be great. I am wondering if this is something I can buy off ebay. I love ebay. I buy all my glasses frames there,  hehe. 

@superdiy, @JDP @plonkster, @Chris Hobsonthis might be up your alley. Plonk, Chris or JDP.

Will appreciate.  

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Yep as plonky said you just give it power and it will sound the correct way. ACDC express has a lot of them on the shelf. You can ask them to hook one up and you will see how they work.

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