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Charger/Inverter on residential three phase


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Im a novice in the field of renewable energy, but I think it is fast becoming a very interesting hobby for me... (partly forced on me by SA's power supply situation and partly because it is the right thing to do)

I tried to do as much "desktop research" as possible and decided to use VE's Quattro as a charger/inverter

I stumbled on a great deal and decided to go ahead and purchase it so long. At the same time I started monitoring my existing consumption via efergy's hub... (and here is my blond moment...) - I have a three phase power connection!

My understanding is that I now have a couple of options:

1. Buy two more Quattros - (expensive option)

2. Convert my three phase supply to single phase ( apparently a bit of a mission to get City Power involved)

3. Run the inverter on one of the phases ( which will make my usage sky rocket)

4. Sell the Quattro ( wouldnt really want to do that, as I think it gives me some very interesting options down the line)

Any advice please?


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Hi Clouble,


Do you need to have all 3 phases on back-up power?

What 3 phase equipment do you currently have?

Converting 3 phase to single phase will work out cheaper in the long run.

Point 3 you say your usage will increase, why is that?

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Thanks for the reply

I have no 3 phase equipment at present, and in my limited understanding I don't think I will need it.

My understanding is that if you connect only one phase into the inverter you actually get billed as if you used all three phases ( hope I got t right..:)

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You can legally connect to one phase only in Cape Town (provided you do all the SSEG paperwork).


CaTcH21 - 3 Phase usually has one meter, not 3.  The meter measures the balance of power from all phases.  


I'm not sure what will happen with an analogue meter, but for 3 phase metering you need a 4 quadrant meter so it can accurately measure input/outputs on all phases.


If your DB is something like mine, you'll have different phases for different things - eg plugs, lights, geyser, 3 phase loads etc  

Connect up the Quattro inbetween the phase you want to have power.


You'll need something to prevent feeding back to the grid though, you can buy powered relays that go off when the grid goes off to prevent feedback on a single phase, when the Grid side is off.


The Quattro can be programmed to not feed back in also, but better to have hardware than rely on software..




I have a 3 phase setup, with 3 Multiplus inverters + GTI..

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