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Collective Purchasing


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Dear Fellow members, I hope all well.

We had a breif moment. Call it a great Idea or a very silly one! I would like to invite all members to please feel free to comment on and provide insight to this and the possible pit falls of it.

Collective Purchasing. The thought presented itself to us when we noticed many members seeking simmilar renewable energy products.

A scenario would be: 10 members Would each like to purchase reputable solar panels. The Total amount of solar panels across the 10 members totals 40units lets say.

As this is a quantity order the 10 members (40panels) are likey to reicive a better cost from the certain solar panel supplier all decided and collaborated amongst the members,

This model could work for imported items as well. Such as Infiniti Inverters direct from the East as an example.

We are striving that Powerforum become a great resource for all. Providing shared knowledge and resource, I am not sure if implementing an idea such as this would help empower members to live their renewable energy dream or cause more harm than good?

This is in its infancy:

The member could Create "Collaboration": topics for the products they wish for. Everyone agrees on the certain product variant and the supplier they would like to receive it from. Local or abroad.

Powerforum keeps a full transparent record of who has committed. We approach the supplier as a group and a group purchase.

I would like to make it clear that powerforum has zero commercial interest and we are naive in the sense of not knowing the full Benifits or pitfalls of this idea or possible frustrations it could cause?

Keen to hear everyone opinions.


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"Group buys were, in the past, often organized by like-minded online shoppers through Internet forums. Now these shoppers have also started to leverage the group buying model for purposes of buying other consumer durables. Group buying sites are back in demand as small businesses look for ways to promote their products to budget-conscious consumers in a weak global economy"

Source http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_buying

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