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  1. Looks Fantastic. Dont personally know much.My Old man always told me tractors can run on sunflower oil. Please keep us updated. Sincerely P
  2. Fantastic! Next add-on should be a home built Tracker to add you your frame. P
  3. With such low power use, my personal recommendation would be to spend on a solar geyser and make it as efficent as possible. This should save you atleast 25% I feel. Use a bit of budget on a pure sine wave inverter for your electronics, as they dont run of modified sine wave and could dammage them. 1) solar geyser 2) new inverter for battery backup. However if solar is a hobby and brings your joy then why not. If so a small hybrid inverter might be a good starting point as then you have replaced the inverter as well and serves as a platform for the future. What you guys think? P
  4. How about a backup battery for critical loads? lights/tv/hairdryer. P
  5. Something simmilar. Last post here: http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=60513
  6. interesting Thread guys. Might be a silly question from our side. If the inverter is off, however the internal components will be energized apon battery connection. Will the max initail current draw of the batteries be very much within saftey range? From our limmited understanding the off inverter will not be drawing more than 15A? To energize its internals? SuperDIY tell us more about your globe/resisitor method. Sounds fantastic. P
  7. Very cool! congrats! Do you have a technical sheet on those panels? Sincerely p
  8. Hi Guys. Do you also not enjoy solar panel mid clamps? They hard to tighten when you need to put the second panel in. We tempted to use end clamps, but this leaves a little space between the panels and suppose looks un neat. What you guys feel? P
  9. Im sure we can. Please feel free to Make the topic and we will sricky for you. Pony
  10. Heya Guys What to do if you make use of 40Kw per day. But the use is out of peak solar hours. Before 9am and after 3? 1)Adjust lifestyle? Hah 2) Heavily battery based 3) a bit of rocket sicence switch over that uses batteries off sun hours and then grid ties again when sun is up for general offset and battery charging? 4) Net metering in cape town? So you can get a bit back during the day..netmetering in cape town??? Hehe Eeeyoh too much for my penut. Thanks P
  11. Hi Guys Anyone have a induction cooker? If so how much power does it draw? Does it work well? P
  12. These Are my thoughts as well.
  13. Awesome Mike! Is that hybrid unit the same as PHD powers unit? Thanks P
  14. Some info found: Reconditioned car batteries for sale can be a viable option if you need a battery for a low price. Many people who have used batteries and get a new one then need to find a car battery recycling option. One of their options is to sell their battery to an auto shop, which will then produce a refurbished car battery. Here are a couple of things to know about these used batteries. Long Lasting?Many people believe that since the batteries have been recharged that they will then last as long as a new car battery. This is not true, because batteries can only be charged so many times. After it hits a certain mark, you will lose power. Memory EffectThe memory effect is a phenomenon that occurs with reconditioned batteries. As the battery loses power over time, it will only be able to charge to a certain point. The battery then remembers this point, and won't charge past it. This can happen pretty soon after you buy the battery, so be aware of this. Is It Worth It?Car batteries are very expensive. It is what makes hybrid cars much more expensive than their non-hybrid counterparts. Since car batteries are expensive, buying a reconditioned battery may be a better option for you depending on your financial state. However, it should not be thought of as a permanent option, but more of a stopgap solution until you can afford a new battery. If you only plan on using the battery for a year or two, you should be in the clear. What you Guys think of recon Solar Batteries? P
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