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Sunsynk 5kW Inverter + Sunsynk 5.32kWh Battery Full Wiring


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Hi All,

My first stab at wiring my system.  I will update this post with the latest version of this diagram as I learn more.  Hopefully this will help the next person.

This is where I need your help - To learn more!!!  Please critique the diagram and point out any mistakes I have made.

Wiring diagram made using Drawio

  • Feel free to reuse in your own project
  • The software is free - available @ https://www.diagrams.net/
  • I have attached a jpg version and the drawio version for you to use in your own project
  • Check back to see if version number changes to see if you have the latest


  • v1.2 Updated EN Bridge (hopefully correct)





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3 minutes ago, PowerUser said:

You need to change the "AC Disconnect Inverter" to a "Changeover switch" which can bypass the inverter and supply the Sub DB directly from Eskom in case that's required - e.g. inverter fault, repair, etc.

Thanks - that's probably a good idea - never thought of that.

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Question around the EN-Bridge:

Sunsynk manual states: "Do not connect this terminal [PE] when the neutral wire and PE wire are connected together."

Does this mean that I need to remove the load PE connection completely?


Have a second contactor that only passes PE on load when ATS is NOT engaged?


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