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How to wire a fuse holder


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Talking a basic DC fuse holder for the PV string. 

I had read somewhere on Powerforum someone allude to the fact that the supply input should always be connected at the top; reasoning was that if connected to the bottom, and one opened the holder (to change the fuse for example) the fuse could still be live, as the bottom has a permanent connection (not sure if this is the case?), whereas the top disconnects on opening.

Cannot find that post on this site, but it'd made sense to me at the time.

But now, looking at tons of commercial combiner boxes, they wire the load input into the bottom of the fuse holder?!?!

Is there a correct (safer) way to wire these holders or can the input be connecter to either end?

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19 minutes ago, markus_m2 said:

Very interesting, thanks @Nexuss...quick search didn't find a single "correctly" wired combiner / protection box.

Here just a single example:



Am I missing something?

Not sure where you looked but under member installations you will find the correct way as @Nexuss

has indicated. 

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