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Selling 3 x Pylontech 3000


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Having now established that I can just add a couple of UP5000's to the battery bank I am no longer selling the 3 x US3000's. Thanks to all who gave advice.

According to Pylontech support so long as the most recent battery is the master all will work fine. Evidently all pylontech are compatible if configured correctly

Only advice I am sceptical about was to put one UP5000 as master, then the three US3000 and then second UP5000 last!!!!

For same type of module always use the latest production unit as master.
*Mixture using battery deployment option:
Master battery (1st) UP5000
Slave 2nd ~8th UP5000/US3000C/US2000C/US3000/US2000
Slave 9th ~16th UP5000/US3000C/US2000C

(Copied from a post by SYC Oct 2021)

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