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7.5kW hybrid inverters, which to buy?


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On the Powerforum Store, there are 2 models available 

One is a Kodak unit for R19423,00

Another is a Solax X1 for R30654,00

The specifications appear very similar to me.  Does the R10000,00 premium ensure better performance, reliability or something else?


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10 hours ago, chrisc said:

Most customers I have met are not interested in feeding back to the grid

All they need is for an inverter to charge the battery from PV panels or the mains and supply AC all the time, whether from PV panels or in Bypass mode from the mains 


Thats very true. However,  it must also be said that an inverter feeding back can be configured to feed back within the limits of the owners own non-essential  circuits, and not outside these bounds. This is powerfull feature when you have enough pv power to augment power to geyser / stove etc. during the sunny hours.  And the magic of this is that if even only 2kw excess pv power may be available, that 2kw will add to even a 6kw demand on the nonessentials.  BUT, nothin is without T&Cs, this requires mains grid to be available. 

EDIT: but if you are planning to become more and more Escom independant, you are expecting the future to be even bleaker as it is now in terms of grid stability, then the gridtie offering will play a lesser role, and you might look at offgrid inverter. 

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