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Charging ac current


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Morning Alkafak 

What model inverter are you using?

Please check the following, If you enter the value you want by using the keyboard SolarPower doesn't make the Apply button Active. You have to use the up or down arrow to reach the value.  If I want to enter a new value of 5, I use the keyboard to enter 4.9, then the up arrow to 5. Its quicker than to wait for it to incrementally reach 5 by holding in the up button. 

I assume you know the password for changing settings?  

1 hour ago, alkafak said:

but in the lcd inverter show 12A

Pleas take a pic of what you are referring to here?, I am trying to understand what you are saying. 

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Hello Alkafak,


The interesting thing I noticed with your photo is that you appear to have two frequency numbers showing 47.6 hz and 51.5hz, not sure if you are running a single or three phase system? Or if your mains power is being supplied by a Generator?

Most of the APC type UPS's are quite sensitive to the Frequency variance, and sometimes only allow for a variation of 49.5 to 50.5 hz variance, for a 220-240v 50hz system,  otherwise they disconnect the mains input and run on battery, and they are also sensitive to phase rotation (the order the phases are connected)  on three phase UPS's.

I wonder if this is not where your issue lies? But am not familiar with the Infini 3+ and what frequency tolerance it allows?

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Hi Arandoza

this freq is ranging minimum and maximum by default, my grid run in 220v 50Hz but sometimes freq down under 50Hz

My issue about the setting current charge from grid cannot Limit by any number to minimize grid current used, by manual this inveter can take max 13A from the grid but i want to limit max 10A only



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On 2018/08/26 at 7:37 AM, alkafak said:

In the solar power software can notbe apply, but in the lcd inverter show 12A

Please upload a picture of what you see. I just looked at the LCD on my inverters and  it is showing the Charging current, but it does not stipulate AC charging or PV charging, It just shows the battery's are charging or discharging. You might think it is AC Charging current , but in reality it is showing the PV charging current. 

Please do this test, after dark with no PV available, switch off the AC breaker feeding the Inverter and run off battery for 30min. Then switch AC supply to inverter back on. If your machine is indeed set up to charge battery from grid, you should see charging current in LCD. 

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