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Infini 3kw Plus Normal or Not?


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Hi Everyone,

i have testing Infini 3kw plus inverter with 8 PV @100WP,, i see draw 164V maximum voltage, this is above the spec of the PV

but, the power generated from PV only max 200W (below my expectation about 600 or 700 watt)  this time no load and only used to charge AGM battery 48V 190Ah

i was set the battery floating on 2.28vPC.

is this Normal or Not? attach screen shoot data log below





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Hi Alafak

With the data given this is what I can conclude.

8x 100w pv has a max output voltage of about  (22vdc x 8) 176vdc open circuit or a little above at best.

The best output is 100w/pv (8 x100w)= 800w max.

It is correct to say that the panels should supply this at full sunlight .

However you cannot see or measure the power without putting a load on the pv panels.

The load is only 2.3a X 54.7vdc =125.81w when charging the batteries as shown in the log.

The voltage on the pv's will decrease when more of a load is applied and the amps will increase.

You can believe the data log as far as I can see.

The voltage is also not above the spec of the infinisolar. The spec is 500vdc max open circuit.


The easiest way I would  test the  wattage on the pv panels is to load the infinisolar to about  500w (2.3amps X 220vac) when you have max voltage output on pv's and then read the data.

You must add the 125.8w from the battery charge on the reading to obtain the total wattage.

There will some losses but it will give you a good indication that the data and panels are good.

I hope this will be of some help.


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