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Opinion on battery supplier

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25 minutes ago, Langeraat said:

Hi All. I would like to know if anybody has purchased lithium batteries from www.solarcityrsa.co.za. At times their prices seems good, actually maybe to good to be true. Would appreciate any feedback positive or otherwise. Thanks.

Been discussed twice. It's a guy running a business from his father's (who is a pastor) church offices. It appears to be a complete scam.

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Apologies and thanks Plonkster, I suspected this was the case. I did some searching but couldn't find anything. I am quite curious on how they execute the scam though. I know of at least 2 people that have bought and received units but I assume the pedigree of those units is where the problem would be. Would be interesting to know anyhow.

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1 minute ago, Langeraat said:

2 people that have bought and received units

That's the thing, the usual malice vs incompetence thing. A scam usually means an outright intent to do harm. Incompetence might end up in the same place (losing money) but might not have been the intent. I've always places the old gwstore in the latter bracket. This one might be the same, I don't know. However you slice it though... it's too dangerous to chance it.

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