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setsolar vs setsolars

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So I came across this ad on gumtree and noticed something interesting. Look at these two websites, and their addresses:






Also, check the registrant on the whois records. For the first it is Thulani Sipho Nzuza with a webmail.co.za address. For the second it is Peet Booysen with an mweb address.


They are apparently both in Epping Industria 2, must be practically neighbours. I smell a rat?

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Maybe Setsolars is piggy backing of Setsolar brand. ?

That's what I'm thinking. Same guy advertises under the name "Sun jets", eg:




Might be legit, but has a very fishy feeling about it :-)

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HI I've bought 8 panels, batteries & 5Kva Inverter from Set Solar,  from a young and very efficient lady, Tessa.

Tessa assisted me with upgrades and exchanged some batteries (that I later discoverd I was under charging).  

They have a new branch in Brakenfell I believe Tessa is their branch manager.    Hope this helps ... A

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