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I don't know the Growatt SPF series. From a little searching, they seem to be either Axpert rebrands, and thus similar to the Mecer rebrands, or they are Axpert clones or work-alikes.

They have such a different look to the Axperts that I'm pretty sure they are clones with very similar specifications. I saw that up to 6 units can be paralleled; all the recent Axperts (if they can be paralleled at all) are up to 9 units. It means nothing practically, except that either they forget to update their specifications, or they illegally copied old firmware.

If they are indeed clones, then you don't know what you are getting. Growatt seems to be an established brand, so at least they're not fly-by-night. But copying a design without knowing the original design often leads to problems: they may not know why certain components have a particular rating, even details of the printed circuit layout (some tracks might be double thickness to carry the rated current, they might not notice or care, as one example). Plus, there is the whole theft of intellectual property thing. Voltronic Power paid the development costs, cloners just copy it for much less. VP have earned their reputation, cloners use this for free.

[ Edit: some clones can't be firmware updated, for example. Some have weird problems dropping PV power. ]

So I would be wary of the Growatt. The Mecer is a genuine Axpert, so it will be reasonable quality, good value for money, and Mecer seem to support their products pretty well in South Africa.

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Thank you for the info coulomb.  My ultimate aim is to have an inverter as a backup  for eskom loadshedding , but i would also like to have it run my pool pump  and geyser during the day via solar panels  , so i would switch it to batteries when needed for backup.

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apparently the Growatt is a "semi-hybrid" from what I have heard. Not quite sure what that means.

But the Growatt has a 5 year warranty. Mecer is 2 year from Mustek.

I have installed plenty of both and for the small price variance, I would go Growatt purely for the 5 year warranty.

If you decide on the Mecer, then make sure it is the MKII 450Voc or opt for the Synapse 5.0+

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28 minutes ago, Shockin said:

Is this mecer ok?

It's certainly a genuine Voltronic Power manufactured Axpert 5kW PF1 with 145 V Solar Charge Controller. It looks like it's not the 64 V model, so there isn't a patched firmware for it (but one is on the way). Mecer appear to be a good reseller, and seem to have a decent repair facility should that ever be needed.

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