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Axpert VMIII data log on USB stick


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I have downloaded the data log from my 3kw Axpert VMIII to a USB stick but can't understand the format. Some of the columns look like they could be battery voltage but the rest I have no idea. There are no obvious time stamps or dates either. 

Anyone know how to interpret or make use of these logs?

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On 2020/10/11 at 2:32 PM, Jim Wild said:

Hi Benuk, its been some time since you posted this, but did watch power work for you in the end? I am also curious on how you downloaded the data from the inverter, I cannot seem to get success with the USB OTG solution?

Hi Jim,

I had trouble with the same issue, and it turned out the USB drive must be FAT32 format(exFAT did not work), and the size of the USB that worked for me was an 8 Gb disk.

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I posted this, not having found this thread. It may be of help sorting out the .CSV values. This was done in excel by importing from row 2 using the correct delimiter, I forget what it is and am too lazy to go look for the USB I used. Shout if I can help out.



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