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How do I factory reset my Axpert WiFi card?


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A couple of months ago I replaced the USB module on my Axpert inverter with their Wifi module. WIth factory options you connect directly to the box and set up you WiFi password, etc.


Unfortunately I got this wrong so it isn't connecting to my WiFi and I have no way to connect to it. The documentation (see attached) tells you how to perform a factory reset by using a jumper on the board - the 2 problems with this are: 

1) they don's supply a jumper thingy  - I guess I you just use  piece of wire//paper clip?

2) the described board differs from the actual board (see attached)  and I have no idea which pins to connect?


I have not been successful at finding a solution with Google so would be grateful if anyone has any ideas as to how I can get back to the WiFi factory settings.



PastedGraphic-2.tiff PastedGraphic-1.tiff

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12 hours ago, gavgold said:

Unfortunately I got this wrong so it isn't connecting to my WiFi

Err, I don't believe that the card supplied is WiFi at all. In fact, I don't believe that any models with the "Axpert" name have a suitable slot for a WiFi card.

Per this post, the card in the first photo is a 2014 ordinary RS-232 card.

Did you send the wrong photo?

What exact model Axpert do you have?

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The above link has an option to download the manual after registering with Voltronic.

Hopefully the link works and the manual will have the method of resetting the box to default.

Otherwise examine the box for a small button (often close to where the power plugs in) or a pinhole into which you can insert a unbent paperclip. Depress the button, or insert the paper clip and press against the resistance you feel (internal button),for 10 seconds whilst the power is ON.

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