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New 'Details' Menu in Venus for Pylontech


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On 2019/12/22 at 8:04 PM, VisN said:

I've noticed that there was a firmware update done for the Venus GX with some interesting new features, most notably for me is the Pylontech 'Details' menu. There is also an expanded DVCC menu option.

Right, so let me let you into a bit of detail here. The protocol used by most battery makers is incredibly similar, with just minor differences. So recently Victron had a chat with the major battery makers and suggested an extension to this protocol that would allow extra diagnostics to be communicated, such as the highest/lowest cell voltage/temperature, in which module it is, etc. The idea is that it will become an industry standard. The battery makers have all expressed interest and some of them are implementing it in their firmwares already, though there is no telling when it will be released in a main production firmware (yet).

As it goes with these things, it is a bit of a chicken/egg thing. The battery maker has a much easier time if someone already implemented support for it on the other end, and vice-versa, the inverter maker has an easier time implementing support if the battery already sends the data.

In this case, we implemented the support even though no battery supports it yet... but they will.

That is why everything shows "--" at the moment. It is not supported (by the battery, yet).

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