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  1. Missed this.. DId you get around to ordering? Not sure I am keen at this point.
  2. Already went through that.. @plonkster I realise there are a lot of variables and you always give an additional view of how/what/why, which all of us in the blue corner really appreciate! Just feels like something that should work.
  3. Yes, I set that up last year sometime. Cable is very short, inverter is next to the board.
  4. Also all of a sudden gotten this twice just as Load shedding kicks in.. no loads to speak of
  5. We currently have a power failure since around 20:00 last night, the batteries went sub 30% this morning for the first time ever. Nothing popped up yet.. sun came out at the perfect time and they are over 40% again
  6. I see a new test report is out: https://batterytestcentre.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Battery-Testing-Report-8-April-2020.pdf At about 1600 cycles (4.5 years) having around 85% usable capacity left and seems to still be going strong while some of the other friends have died along the way.
  7. I could, but I have been running it like that for a year. Will there really be a balance issue?
  8. I have been live now for a year and according to the data generated 4541kW (4.5 MW sounds better) . My consumption has gone down since the geyser was placed on a timer with the installation, but as you can see the grid usage percentage is low, which was part of the goal, but of course beating loadshedding was the priority
  9. AC or DC symbol, VAC/VDC, or spelled out One of my fuses has VAC, other only has AC symbol on. I bought some Mersen VDC rated fuses from a local shop. https://ep-us.mersen.com/sites/mersen_us/files/DS-HP10M-HelioProtection-Photovoltaic-Fuses-Mersen.pdf
  10. My Firmware and VE configure options seem to have disappeared. I checked it seems the two-way communication is enabled.
  11. Funny enough.. this was done on installation.. and it turns out that only 1 fuse out the 6 was a dc fuse. This is what happens when people are left unsupervised and want to complete the job and make due with what they have in a toolbox somewhere. I was pretty livid to say the least. I am still planning on my next approach as on closer inspection 3 out of the 6 fuse holders are AC fuse holders..
  12. Normally via Bluetooth and the VictronConnect App, not sure if you can do it through VRM.
  13. Any Warnings? My friend had temperature warning, which was one of the screws where the PV cable connects to the MPPT, just needed to be tightened up a bit more. His would act out in the middle of the day or when things got hot.. and switch off.
  14. And... it was an AC fuse.. nice....
  15. The holder that blew a fuse was a Johnson, it has a light to indicate which fuse blew, so was easy to spot since I only realised my east string is dead this morning.
  16. Seems I have also blown a fuse yesterday afternoon. Will follow some of the advice given and provide feedback once I have a replacement fuse at hand.
  17. Wonder how the Bluenova rack mount prices look compared to those. https://batteriesonline.co.za/product/bluenova-52v-5-2k-lithium-battery-bank/
  18. Bit off-topic, how often are these releases done? I updated over the weekend to 2.51 I think, so waiting for the Pylontech Update for the 52.5 change which you mentioned was also somewhere in the 60s?
  19. I have also seen that you guys are busy there.. fun and games.
  20. I am thinking SegenSolar might be the people to contact.
  21. By the sounds of it, you should bin the Goodwe and get a Victron Multiplus-II5kVA has a 70A charger..
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