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  1. Greetings all Anyone managed to play with or install one of these what looks like a PowerWall competitor? https://www.eaton.com/gb/en-gb/catalog/energy-storage/xstorage-home.html They seem so simple and available in SA with reasonable pricing. Model we're looking at is 6KWH lithium/6KW peak Any thoughts perhaps?
  2. Thanks so much for the guidance everyone .... really appreciated
  3. Yup, can see why. Cool beans Another question does SMA integrate as well as the Fronius with the MP GX, allowing a single Victron web interface for both data?
  4. Thank you, that makes perfect sense! We have no issue that PV is down when grid is down as the Pylon covers the essentials. So it looks like Option #1 is the best design (for us) Why is it so rarely deployed if it offers higher solar consumption and is slightly cheaper? Is it because Grid down = PV down?
  5. Thanks guys for explaining, but do these challenges apply to Option #1? Won't the Fronius be upstream from the Victron, or grid-side like the pic below?
  6. Thanks for the advice John Wise. Can you please explain this - Fronius can be setup to be controlled by the GX, and can also run on the Multiplus output (as long as you keep the sizing 1:1 - ie 3kVA Multi with a 3kW Fronius). In our setup, we'll won't have a 1:1 as the Fronius will charge 4kw, and the MP a 3kva? They'll be on the same LAN btw.
  7. Ah ... so panels are still up when the grid is down for Opt 2. Another pro then for #2
  8. Greetings solar Yodas Need some help please with the best design as the options below costs similar. Requirement is ROI & essentials up during load-shedding (lights, TV and internet - peaks at 0.75kw). Installed is 4kw panels but existing inverter needs replacement. Option 1) SMA/Fronius grid tried inverter, Victron 3kva MultiPlus 2 GX as UPS, Pylon 3KWh. Only essentials connected to the UPS, rest of the house from grid Pro - maximises solar feed Pro - essentials on battery > 3hrs Pro - cleaner, less complex ... or is this subjective? Con - 2 web interfaces for data? Con - less battery for daily discharge (non-load shedding). Not sure if this is actually financially viable tbh Option 2) Victron MPPT, 5kva MultiPlus 2 GX and 2 x Pylon 2KWh. Essentials on ACout1, rest of house on ACout2 (with exceptions like oven) Pro - same web interface Con - 50A transfer switch Multiplus limit means exceptions like oven must run directly off grid Con - needs 2 batteries to match Multiplus output. I understand this affects warranty if only 1 Looks like Opt 1 is better and slightly cheaper ... but reading forums it's rarely deployed. What am I missing ? Thanks in advance folk
  9. Hi Tursiops How was the Kodak and Pylontech compatability? Was it as simple as connecting them directly, or did you need another device (like ICC)?
  10. Anyone able to help where I can get an IMA-Box for an Imeon 3.6 Hybrid? I'm based in CTN and Herhold's in BLM are only getting stock in April. Apparently it's the only option to connect a Pylontech US3000. Also, anyone manage to successfully get this pair working, or even using an ICC? My Imeon has been working flawlessly for almost 10 years, so ideally don't want to look to replace/upgrade (for now ). Worst case, it may be easier for the long-run to replace the Imeon with a Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM 5kVA/5kW?
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