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  1. For completeness: I have added another 60A MPPT with 2970W (330Wx9) solar panels. Generator did not run once.
  2. Is there anybody with experience with this controller? https://eiferer.co.za/collections/ewelink/products/copy-of-wifi-electronic-control-water-valve-gas-valve?variant=29434000736300
  3. I use these timers. They are fairly cheap - think about R300 a piece. They keep time for days. I lost 1 in about 6 months. Clock still works, but it doesn't switch. I have 3 more that is working without a problem.
  4. Yes, I know. You brag with every opportunity about the visit. If you were on the other forum I could really gave you gas
  5. You can also try SolarMD. They sell a 3.7kW or 7.4kW battery. I have two 7.4kW's an after 11 months still very happy. They have after sales service (24/7 365 days) that is out of this world and they stand by their product.
  6. My pleasure 1) The settings should come from your battery supplier. The settings above is from SolarMD. 2) Not too sure what you mean, but as soon as I have sunlight on my panels the MPPT's start charging. My batteries are charged by 11:30 to 12:30. 3) Understood
  7. Correct LiFePO4. I assume you have the manual. Below my settings: 8.1) Float Voltage = 13.4V (X4) 8.2) Boost Voltage = 13.6V (X4) 8.3) Boost to Float Voltage interval = 1 hour 8.4) Boost to Float Current = 15A 8.5) Equalise Charge Mode = Manual 8.6) Battery set Voltage = Auto 8.7) Charge limit = 80% 8.9) Set operation Mode = fmode0
  8. It is for the SolarMD battery, but I will check for you.
  9. Site security is good. Temporary setup. Cannot decide whether I want to play with sun tracking or build an afdak. 10kW inverter
  10. The current system 24X Renewsys 250W panels 2X 60A MicroCare MPPT's 1X 10kW MicroCare intvertor 2X SolarMD LiFePO4 7.4kW batteries Expansion possiblity 24X more PV Panels 2X more 60A MPPT's 1X more SolarMD LiFePO4 7.4kW battery
  11. Close up of cables going through wall and earth cable. There is enough space to double up on solar panels.
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