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  1. Louis, I think it might still be true. But compare it to battery costs when no grid is available (and enough wind is), and I believe it is a viable option (with solar giving the base load). My neighbor has been running a wind turbine for the last 16 years, with minimal maintenance cost, supplying him with all his power needs. He still use lead acid's and I am not keen for that. I just believe that there is a big part of the word that do not have access to the grid, where this might be viable. Not for 100 turbine manufacturers, but for a few. My neighbor will need to replace his turbine in the next few years, and I can promise you that proper integration with lithium with put that supplier on the top of the list of possibles.
  2. Agree, when can you deliver?
  3. It seems as Jaco's proposal is the only way then. I share the concern for an potential over current (if working in parallel to solar) or temperature event, damaging the Pylons. I understand that wind is limited relative to solar, but given the right circumstances, it does make sense. I have the privilege to have a farm in Namaqualand, right on the escarpment, with fresh winds almost as prevalent as the sun. While we do not have many cloudy days, they do happen. Having no grid, my options is either to increase the battery bank, or get wind (or start the 1946 Lister). In this scenario, one cannot compare wind costs with solar. The correct way is to compare it with battery costs, and then it start to make financial sense. It is amazing that it seems there are no small wind turbine manufacturer that is investing in R&D anymore? Lithium batteries is almost mainstream now, and with that, voltage control on its own does not make sense. I think there an opportunity here for someone like @plonkster to develop a simple interface. Read the instructions from the battery bms and translate that to a "voltage state" that the wind controller understand and obey. Adding the "nice" to this to give information through to GX or ICC will be a bonus.
  4. @SteveFury Can you describe the "works perfectly" (the Bornay wind turbine mppt)? Is it based on voltage settings, or does it allow the battery bms to dictate the charging? Another question, closely relating to this, is does it communicate with Victron via can-bus? I am asking this such that one can get generation stats on VRM.
  5. Hallo, I do not know the other brands, but Victron have the BMV battery monitor, that measure the actual energy passing. Best regards, Herman NS, I just had to answer you, Herman!
  6. Good morning, Any feedback on this testing? Does the charge controller communicate with the pylontech batteries? Or is the control still the simple voltage measure? Best regards, Herman
  7. I can vouch for this, except in my case it took about 10 weeks.
  8. https://pwrcell.generac.com/users/144/dashboard
  9. Hi all, Forgive the slight tangent on the topic, but what happen when in a off-grid scenario? That seems like the other customers that might want to look at this deal? Regards, Herman
  10. Do we have any indication what these settings should be?
  11. Welcome in the hood, I am across the road in Steynsrust.
  12. Dear All, A colleague of mine has a SMA setup with a Sunnyboy and Sunny Island. The installer that sold him the system is no more. He is in the market to replace his lead acid batteries with lithium, and I volunteered to ask here is you guys can give any good references? Regards, Herman
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