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What does SCC stand for


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Coulomb will know. I think that's the voltage as measured by the charge controller (the mppt) as opposed to the voltage measured by the inverter side.


Edit: After some crafty googling, I believe the answer is Solar Charge Controller.

A tin star for the Plonkster :)

Yes, the SCC and the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) both measure the battery voltage independently, and send their readings to each other. If the SCC finds that the readings differ by more than a certain amount, initially 0.2 V I believe, then the SCC will adjust its readings to agree better with the DSP.


Battery Voltage from SCC and SCC Charging which shows a value of 00502

Most of these values are stored as decimal numbers, with an implied decimal point between the last and second last digits. For example, your 00502 value represents 50.2 V, presumably the battery voltage as read by the SCC/MPPT/solar charger.

The SCC charge current I believe is no exception. Yet the current is always displayed as a whole number, i.e. they divide the number transmitted by 10 before displaying it on the LCD, thus throwing away one decimal place. Changing this is on my list of things to consider in future firmware upgrades. (Of course, the number may prove to be too noisy or inaccurate, but I say show it anyway.)

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