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  1. Hi all I replace my inverter a while back and connected to the RS232 to USB port. Everything was working fine. It then just stopped working. I noticed at that time my windows had updated. I am a programmer and wrote my own windows service to monitor and store data. It was working well. I tested my USB to RS232 using a loop back plug and it is fine. The software just will not connect anymore. Please has anybody else had this issue or can point me in the correct direction or even a way to test the inverter to make sure its not faulty. I don't believe it is. TIA
  2. Hi All I have some values returned from my Axpert. I am not sure what these values are. Can you guys help me out. Battery Voltage from SCC and SCC Charging which shows a value of 00502 Thanks
  3. Main CPU Version 00052.30 Second Cpu Version 00001.24
  4. So I got watchpower working. I re installed it. I also tried aicc trial but it displays nothing on the summary screen
  5. I am writing my own just have not had much time to spend on it.
  6. Hi All My watchpower software is not logging data. I have checked the following. The port is opened succefully. The page on the app does refresh but data not being logged Ran my own software app I am developing and it is returning data and communicating no problem Does anybody have an idea why? I did notice over the last few days the systry icon kept on popping up with a message related to updates but if I check for updates it says I have the latest version. I updated my java on my pc to the latest too as watchpower was written in java.
  7. Hi all I am planning to add to my current battery bank. Currently I have 4 x 12VDC in series to get required 48VDC for inverter. Batteries are 100AH. I would like to add another bank in the same configuration and then in parallel to up the amps, and yes I know its not good to add new batteries to an older bank. My current bank is not to old yet. Less then 50 cycles. So I have the following questions What effects will I have on charging the 2 series banks in parallel?Should I put the newer series bank infront of the old ones to allow them to start charging first and reduce the strain on the older ones?Can I use a Victron balancer with my axpert and if so how many do I need as I see they only support up to 24VDC?Awaiting your expertiese and any advice, pros and cons.
  8. I have a VT system with 200 lister geyser. The geyserwize controller I have also has a setting to allow water from freezing. Its stupid for our climate as in the last 8 years I have never had water freezing in the collector on the roof so in winter it stats to cycle at night and then starts to pinch the hot water.
  9. //TO SENDSerialPort sp = new SerialPort(); sp.PortName = "COM3"; sp.BaudRate = 2400; sp.DataBits = 8; sp.Parity = Parity.None; sp.StopBits = StopBits.One; sp.Open(); sp.DataReceived += new SerialDataReceivedEventHandler(DataReceivedHandler); sp.ErrorReceived += new SerialErrorReceivedEventHandler(DataErrorReceivedHandler); ProtocolCommand.command = "QPI"; byte[] tx = ProtocolCommand.GetBytes(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(ProtocolCommand.QPI), CRC16.Calculate(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(ProtocolCommand.QPI)))); sp.Write(tx, 0, tx.Length);//RECIEVE RESPONSESpublic void DataReceivedHandler(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e) { var sp = sender as SerialPort; MemoryStream _rxBuffer = new MemoryStream(); bool _gotResponse = false; if ((sp != null) && (!_gotResponse)) { while (sp.BytesToRead > 0) { byte b = (byte)sp.ReadByte(); _rxBuffer.WriteByte(; if (b == 0x0d) { _gotResponse = true; break; } } } _gotResponse = false; _rxBuffer.Position = 0; SetText(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(_rxBuffer.ToArray())); Datalogger.insertRecord(ProtocolCommand.command, Encoding.ASCII.GetString(_rxBuffer.ToArray())); _rxBuffer.Dispose(); }Hope this helps
  10. Thanks Edmund & Chris. This makes me feel a lot better. My batteries seem to be charging okay as they are still working great with the load I have on them. I played around with the settings last night and from what I found is that when you are on utility it displays battery 100 %. I am assuming that means you have 100 % capacity from the utilities and not from the batteries as I saw it bypassed my batteries after charging them for a few seconds. I don't think they thought it out when they wrote the watchpower software I reverse engineered the watch power software so I can see the code. There is sa lot of code that looks like it is not used eg work in progress. I found a whole bunch of extra protocols commands which are not in the protocol PDFs. I am still going through them to see what the do. I believe as Edmond said the inverter has a temp sensor it could be one of these u known protocols I found Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.
  11. Hi Chris I was reading through the pdf for my batteries. Apparently even though they are sealed batteries they do have one way pressure valve which allows for venting if they are excessively charged. I have been running them with these settings all day. I am a bit concerned as the LCD charging status on the inverter has been showing its still charging. If I turn the utilities on to charge it shows charging for a few seconds then shows all 4 bars for battery charged. As soon as I go back to battery power it shows 2 bars. I assume the batteries are charged just not sure. The status shows my batteries are at 52 % capacity. Is this possible or is there something I should be concerned about. When I used the default battery settings for AGM the batteries it would charge to 100% capacity with no problem in a day. See attached thumbs.
  12. Hi Chris Can you explain a bit what you mean as I do not understand fully.


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