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Borehole water filter


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I disconnected and bypassed my borehole filter system before the Dec break. Kids were visiting and I did not want any pump hassles. Lot of swambos there lol.

The system has been in operation for 18 months now with 40kg Maddox in the filter initially.

After advice form @Peter Topp I also added an additional bag of Clinobrite some months ago.

I also put a 1 micron filter in the system as a backup. This worked well for a time but I noticed it clogging up quicker after  a while. I also increased the backflush frequency but the water always seemed to be clean.

So last week I tackled the job of cleaning the filter. Big surprise awaited me.

1. Of the Maddox there was no sign - it had dissolved totally.

2. The Clinobrite was clogged up with a dark brown tacky stuff - I presume this is iron that was "filtered" out.

3. The filter at the bottom was just about clogged up - photo included. I presume this was the reason the backflush never worked. This I cleaned with oven cleaner spray 😀 I do need to buy a spare pipe with this attachment.

So the filter will be recharged with a new bag of Clinobrite and connected back into the pipes.

I'll try to remember to repeat the process after 12 months.

Btw, the water tested at Builders Warehouse showed an iron content of 0.2. Originally it was less than 0.1 tested by Regen Waters.



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I have a borehole with a pretty severe iron problem. I have used a two pronged approach. 

1. Ozone -  I have an ozone generator connected to an air-pump that pumps ozone into the water.

2. Filter media - This is the part where Maddox was one of the choices. There were others as well. I went with a product called Katalox Light


As far as i know I was the first in SA to use the product . It was imported by Graham Kluk of Envirowater. He imported more than just for my requirements, but it was a while ago not sure if he still has. 

The product has worked flawlessly for 4 years now. I have it in a 14x65 inch auto backwashing filter. 

I really can recommend the product.

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I have never heard or seen maddox (greensand) dissolving. Maddox is pretty dense material as can be felt from the weight  of the material. The dark brown material is most probably iron.

In the pics material looks very dark almost black. The colour of maddox is black so I was thinking it might be maddox. I also see that bottom sive is clogged up as you have mentioned and shown. If there is a lot of pressure it will break which I have experienced and I have installed 130 micron mesh filters after my FRP vessels to prevent material entering the rest of my system if this should happen. I would look into what dissolved the maddox as this does not seem normal.

I would love to hear from anyone who knows what caused this problem with the Maddox.

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3 hours ago, WynandVenter said:

The product has worked flawlessly for 4 years

The proof is in the testing. On what do you base your observation?

I have two 1 micron filters after the FRP vessel and I must replace them regularly.

I also test my water at Builders (free service) at intervals.

Although the borehole water is fine for consumption it colored my basins and baths.

Thus the reason for the filter systems.

2 hours ago, Peter Topp said:

was thinking it might be maddox. I

I held it in my hand and it looks the same as Clinobrite grid shape.

Maddox look like small stones.

It is obvious that Clinobrite is actually filtering out the iron particles.

I will focus from now on whether anything is washed out when doing back flushing.

The frequency with which I replace the 1 micron filters should be an indication of this. I also need to make a decision on whether to purchase an auto flush valve.

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Clinobrite does not filter out particles to 1 micron  only to about 3 micron. The mesh filters are only for protection if the frp vessel sives are damaged. Changing to auto flush valves to me made a huge difference as I have 5 x frp vessels to backwash.

I know what maddox looks like. I am just interested what can dissolve it as this material can be regenerated and reused and should not dissolve. I thought from the photo that the maddox might have broken up  into smaller particles giving the photo the black appearance.

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One can use Indion ISR for Iron & Manganese removal more efficiently and cost effectively. This will not only provide efficient removal of iron & Manganese but is higly customer friendly. It can operate with wide range of pH and TDS. More information can be seen in this link https://ionresins.com/downloads/ISR bulletin-final.pdf

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Hi Gourish

I have a look at the specs and they look good. 

For my personal use my ph has always been a problem as my ph is always below 6.5 and I add calcite after 1st stage  initial filtering.

As far as cost effective goes I cannot see it. At the Filtershop it goes for R3375.00 a 25kg bag. A 1054 FRP vessel will require 2 bags. R6750.00 to fill a 1x FRP vessel is out of my league. I only use a venturi  aerated Clinobrite in all my stages and is not ph reliant at R320.00 a 25kg bag that makes it more than 10x less expensive to do the same job however you might need a extra stage of filtering.

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