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Narada 12NDT200


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Hi Guys

Hope you can offer some advice.

I need to replace my batteries in my solar setup and am looking at these Narada 12NDT200. I have a 24v sustem and would use 4 Batteries, Thus i would have 400ah at 24v.

I have a Axpert 3kva inverter with 1200w solar. Has anyone used these batteries in a solar setup and what is your experience with them.

The batteries are second hand, and were used as backup in a cell tower. They are selling for R2600 each. Do you think this is worth it?

Thank you


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Hi Charl,

Seems to me all the major local suppliers are supplying them, so they should be good.

And if it this add you are referring to: http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/218712499/Narada_12V_200Ah_deep_cycle_solar_AGM_battery_12NDT200_PLEASE_READ_LISTING.html

If the supplier is solid, why not for the conditional 1 year warranty.

New they seem to be around R3200: http://capricasolar.co.za/product/narada-battery-200ah-acme-t-range/

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just be carefull if you are not buying from a shop with paperwork. a lot are being stolen at the moment from high sites around the country, Paarlberg this last week. One Comms company has lost R750k worth of battery. The Narada ND range are normally used in the telecommunications environment and are normally changed every 5 years

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I tried second hand recond batteries from Eco Recon. It does not work. I requested a refund and waited 3 month to get my money back. Then I bought new Neradas and all have be 100 from that point on. 

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