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Thoughts on Sermatec inverters


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Surprised not to have found any topic on this yet...

Sermatec 5kW hybrid inverter:


On paper / specs this looks very similar to the Goodwe - but slightly cheaper.

Spec sheet here

Anyone worked with one of these yet? How does it compare? Specifically to the Goodwe? Local support?




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2 hours ago, Fazil said:

link doesn't work

And, Its not on the CoCT approved inverter list 2019.


Actually, they were recently added to the CoCT approved inverter list (latest list here)


Link indeed doesn't work, I cannot seem to edit my original posting to update the link - here link to the inverter's general website...


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On 2020/03/15 at 12:00 PM, HeadRush said:

Just had one put in, so far so good. only complaint is the monitoring app is not great or accurate, but I hear they are working on it.



I'm considering to buy the sermatech 5Kva but heard there are some challenges with voltage on these units in SA. Also looking to pair it up with Pylontech (if I can eventually find stock) Any feedback positive or negative on the system , performance, aftersales service you've received this far? 

Thanks in advance, 


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Hi Stephan

Yes currently I am having issues with the grid power, unit has been replaced twice now because of this, but we are just testing for now. My installer has been helpful and is in contact with china reporting back all the issues.

So far besides having the issues, my installer has been great, always there to answer my questions and always makes time to come fix issues that I'm having.

Performance seems good, but havent tested it as much especially with the cloudy days, but seems to pump well when the sun is out. I am not too clued up on performance so if there are certain specs you want me to look out for let me know.


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It is a pity, these units seems great on paper and I like the design.

Only issues for me with the Goodwe is the 4.7kw back up, seems just to small. Will love to see a 5.5kw back up, Sermatec has a 5kw back up that makes it look better on paper.

In the same price class I see now Growatt will soon be having the SPH6000 with similar spec available here.



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anyone who can assist to restore Sermatec 5kW wifi configuration. my wifi module went to factory default and not communication with the inverter mainboard. there is no any other way to access this inverter without wifi.

any idea how to reconfigure serial to wifi module.

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