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Paralleling inverters


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I have 5 phocos 5KVA inverters connected in parallel in a 3 phase system where by I have two inverters per phase and the remaining phase one inverter.

the inverters are charging fine with solar panels but how ever they are rejecting the ac input even though it is in range (230V). 

Batteries  are pylontech and 10 of them connected to a common bus bar 

what could be the possible cause?

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Could it be a phase rotation issue? The inverters will be looking for a particular phase sequence. Try changing setting 28, swap any pair e.g. P2 and P3. This setting uniquely requires the power switch to be off. I'd isolate the outputs, and check for low voltage across the output isolater before switching back on. With three phases, there is so much more opportunity for splat followed by oops 😮

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