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Anyone know who the local Shoto distributors are ?


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Hi all


Who can assist me with the battery settings for the Shoto 100ah Lithium for the kodac King inverter 5kva. The system is backup only for now. Just installed. When i remove utility, the battary immediatly drops to around 49.5V and my display on inverter shows that battery is half. Is this correct? 

What is the correct voltage for low voltage cut off to ensure that i do not go over 80% DOD. 


Thank you in andvance if anyone can assist. 

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I have a Growatt inverter and my settings are on SBU

I set my bulk and float to around 55v. Back to battery at 52v and back to Grid at 48v. This leaves about 25 percent left in the batteries (there’s 1 led solid). I get close to 6kw from my 2x 4.8 kw m14’s. If I set the back to grid to 47.5, I get a low voltage alarm.  At least I’m getting about 65 percent of the intended capacity with this. 

The BMS Cable and protocol is imminent but long overdue from shoto 

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Mine drops to about 50v too. I’m not an engineer but I suspect that it has to do with the non linear (flat portion) of the battery discharge curve of a lifepo4 battery. I’m getting the batteries to ‘near full’ on the Shotos led SOC indicator.  The inverter reads them completely differently. There’s often a disparity between what the inverter sees and the actual SOC on the battery. Notwithstanding , I’m getting about 60 odd percent out of them using voltage parameters only. 

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