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Axpert trips


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15 hours ago, Clivevan said:

BUT when I switch on a small kettle (750 watt) it trips. Out stone cold.

Is your battery healthy?

Could it be battery cables, connections, fuses? It would be good to put a multimeter on the DC input terminals to see if the voltage is collapsing.

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Yep what @Coulomb said.  I had the exact same behavior with the Axpert King.  But grid was connected so it would totally turn off, beep and show an error saying battery error.  One of my batteries had a bad cell.  I was able to diagnose this by having a multimeter connect to the battery output and set to record min which showed a significant drop when any kind of load was put on the inverter.

Also don't discount that the wiring could be the problem here.  What kind of wire did you use on the batteries, what do the crimps on the wire look like?

I've seen a number of "installers" use house wire of the 10-16mm variety which is totally inadequate for this application.

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