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King Inverter & Narada Communication



Good Day All

Some advice will be appreciated. I am aware the my Axpert King inverter does not communicate with the batteries.

Thus the SOC shown on the inverter and the actual SOC of the batteries are not the same.

I've got 3 Narada batteries and the have 4 SOC light indicators on the 

light 1 = 0-25%  light 2 = 25-50% light 3 =50-75% light 4 = 75-100%

we have had non stop cloud for the last 3 day and i've noticed the following.

According to the inverter the battery voltage drops to 45V and the system then switches over to ESKOM, although there are still 3 lights illumined on the batteries

meaning minimum 50% SOC available on the batteries.

So here is the question: Except for getting the official narada comms cable to communicate with the ICC on the Raspberry PI. is there another way to force the inverter to use the use battery power that is still available?

Hope this explanation makes sence.

Looking forward to the replies.




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Hi all,


I bought the Growatt inverter with Narada batteries. Same question. Haven't had much luck with comms yet.


Narada gave some information, but in Chinese. Haven't had luck yet.


Growatt - some emails, no information.



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From the Narada datasheet, at maximum rated discharge current, 45V corresponds to around 90% discharged...

They do not give temperature derating curves, so I do not know what the range on that would be.  But still it would seem that something is not entirely right.  Have you measured the real battery voltage and checked the battery cables?

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I have recently purchased the ICM-PI Complete kit (Licensed) Raspberry Pi 4 from Intelligent Customised Coding (ICC) and 2x Narada Iron lithium Phosphate 48NPFC150 (Battery Module for Telecom). 

i also bought the communication cable between Narada batteries and Raspberry Pi, and cannot get the batteries to connect to the Raspberry PI. I need a subject matter expert to assist in this regard

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