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MECER Axpert MK Plus 3kva - DEAD


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Hey guys,so I was wondering if there is any expert (or Axpert...lol! ) electrical guys out there,so this was my previous inverter,I cannot remember what happend.

it does not turn on,no LED or LCD display.

As I have done some test and doing some research,the inverter receives power from AC and batteries,just little soft power noise on the mainboard.

So I found a service manual on the net and it point me to the S.P.S (Switch Power Supply)

so I found the area on the main board where the S.P.S is,I will attached 2x photos.

My Question,Have any of you guys run in the same problem with the axpert inverters? and what component is that I need to replace?

Its Lockdown and I am looking for something to do😋

I got an Axpert King 5kva and happy as can be,but would like to fix this one

I have fixed some board issues like LCD screens,etc before


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