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Solar panel power


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i would like to get some advice on solar panel power , I have two inverters , grid tie inverter and a off grid inverter , i will put 18 panels x 330w to my grid tie inverter , my off grid has no panels at this moment , I have a victron charge control for future panel installation of panels for off grid inverter , what i need to find out is it possible to change over my solar panels from my grid tie inverter to my off grid inverter when there is no city power , If someone can recommend which change over switch or which  contactors I can use to change the solar panels from grid tie inverter to off grid inverter when there is load shedding , please advice if possible 


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Hi Kiranbhowan

You need a DC contactor or a DC change over switch - both of which are more expensive than their AC counterparts. There is usually a magnet which deflects the ensuing spark when switched into a catch cage.  ABB make a DC rated contactor.  If you cannot get a DC contactor you can make a very good snuffing circuit by placing a large enough capacitor across the terminals of the contactor. While the contactor is closed the potential difference across the  terminals is zero. As the contactor opens  there is a potential difference  and the capacitor starts charging.  I am not sure your local authority would accept a contactor/capacitor combination.  Your capacitor  needs to have a voltage rating higher than your PV strings. There are some good videos on Youtube. Here is one.

I cannot find the one I was looking for. This pommie's demonstration is good but health and safety would have a field day 😁 

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Good morning . I am running a
Mercer sol-I-ax-5p hybrid inverter with 6 energia panels polycrystalline and 2 PYlontech lithium iron batteries US3000.
I am running  the following program settings

1: SBU
2: 60A
3 and 4, leave as default
5: select USER for battery type
6 to 9, leave as default
11: 60A
12: 48V
13: 51V
16: SNU
18 to 22,  on default.
23: BYE
25: default.
26: 53.2V
27: Default
29: 47.5V
31 to 38  on default.



I have this error appearing on the photo attached . The fault light is flickering. May you kindly assist


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