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Final installation with a few questions


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I finally managed to install all my hardware as detailed below, although the warning decals are still missing

Just a few questions

1. Since I am using the utility earth, I assume I do a soft bond between earth/neutral on inverter

2. As per above, do I connect the surge protector to an earth stake or do to the common earth

3. same as 2 for PV panels

Finally, as per another post I am still looking for a suitable BMS and management software - although watchpower gives basics, not that impressed



Still need to do some plastering






Need to be attached to ground




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Nice setup Wim! Your questions:

  1. Why do you want to bond neutral with earth?
  2. Preferably a separate earth stake since it is lightning protection so you don't want to let the lightning rush thru your entire system.
  3. Same as 2

Are you going to use an optimizer for that shaded panel on in your north east array?

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hi @RikH


Tks for the compliment

When we had the Axpert installed in PE, there was a ground-Neutral potential of around 23V if I remember, hence 1

The shaded panel will remain as is since it provides a supply early morning. That pic was taken around 2pm. 

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19 hours ago, Luminous said:

This would limit water coming in with the wires to run over the connections. If it comes in from the bottom it would run out before reaching the CB's.


11 hours ago, RikH said:

Isn't that inside his home?

I usually tried to make my conduit have a low point somewhere outside the house so that in theory it cannot run uphill into the house. Then in theory it does not matter where it comes in on the box.

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Since I did not want conduit against the walls, all PV cables are in conduit except for where it connects to the panel, where glands are used. Red and Black cables in separate conduit.

Conduit goes into the roof then down rafters and end up in the cavity wall from where it exits to the breaker board. BTW everything ends up in the garage and hopefully one day it will end in a dedicated utility room.

I would say chances of water ingress is extremely low.

Tks for the input though


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