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Dirty PV panels


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Now that I have been online to pvoutput.org for a week and being a bit ocd about the live feed power outputs I felt that my peak output was not where it was last year. This evening I climbed up onto the shop roof to look at the state of my power station. Eish. Thanks to the drought here they are truly dusty and dirty as they have not been cleaned since installation 9 months ago.

45 of them is quite a mission so will do 6 each evening. Intrigued to see the difference.

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A long handled glass washer (sqeegee) works well unless something really ingrained - Should be done every 3-6 months unless you really fanatical.

I have a monthly maintenance schedule for checking all sorts of things on a dedicated maintenance day (3rd Sunday each month), my panel cleaning, battery testing, terminal checking and greasing +++ is all on that list. That way even if you find a repair takes you longer than the day, you'll get to the other regular stuff next month and at least every 2 months stuff gets checked.

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