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Seriously needing to start the solar project.

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Hi all,

Been a long time member browsing, bought a few items(general back ups) but now i need to start my solar off/hybrid journey.

Current, a cheap 30amp charger, 1x 2000va invertor(mecer ups)  , 2 x 105ah gel batteries.

My mind is abit all over the place...

1. Do I just get a genni for loadsheading and kinda run the entire house.

2. Start solar, a staggered plan, start smaller and upgrade.

I am leaning towards the 2nd choice, to start I would need a solar solution to run atleast my marine tank( about 1500w) and maybe a few plugs in the day and if there is loadsheading during non sun power times I have a back up for about 5 hours. I want something that I can upgrade later(add more panels or batteries).

Budget : 60k ish

I want something easily managed.

My house is on top of a hill, north facing  so no blockage of sun.


Any recommendations for the system and installer?


Jhb- west rand.

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On 2020/08/13 at 4:02 PM, Singh GP said:

2. Start solar, a staggered plan, start smaller and upgrade.

I am leaning towards the 2nd choice,

I would also rather go for the second choice, as it makes more sense over the long term, a generator can only be used for load shedding but solar can be used everyday as long as the sun shines and might even save you a couple of cents. If you could size your inverter correct now you can always add more panels and batteries when the time is right.

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One thing that's worth doing it checking the abilities of your grid meter in ZA.

If it isn't one of these ones that trips the instant you feedback, I think a grid-tied Solis with grid limiter is a good first move.

A grid-tied inverter will constantly save you money from day one, its simple, but won't work during load shedding. It can often be easily incorporated into a future expansion.

I think if a generator can tide you over for load-shedding, then a generator plus a grid-tie inverter is gets you the best utility for the smallest capital outlay. 


Bells and whistles are nice, but cost a fortune in this game

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