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Solar batteries at below cost!

Green Bum

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Looks like I am beginning to scratch the bottom of the pot!

I have just had a guy trying to get me to pay 4k then 3k into his account for 4 new Trojan batts, this following my gumtree ad "golf-cart batteries wanted".

Any idea where I can get cheaper batts without getting ripped off?B)

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Green Bum, just because you are a forum member, I have been where you are a few times, and I like your pic, what is your budget for 4 x batteries?

Maybe someone can pull a rabbit out of a hat for you. You never know. ;)

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Thanks TTT R1500/ battery gives me so R4500. I can ad it to this ear old battery I alresdy have I managed the magical 48V.....

  Guys I have not had luck in my search for a bank of used 48V back-up batteries for my 3kw Infini.

NEW OPTION: I have this Dixon 105Ah 12V deep cycle just over a year old parked and switched on 24/7 (DIY fan switched on manually)on my refurbished ups. on the load side I have the computer running office hours and a 1Amp 12V alarm system that does not like power failures. At the moment I am considering buying three more of these batteries for my 48V back-up.

  1. I have never done any form of maintenance on this battery, what would you expect its health to be like ?
  2. Will it be advisable to link it to the new batts or should I rather buy 4 new ones at R1500 each?
  3. What life expectancy could one expect from a new set used (or not used :( on the Infini as back-up)

your input will be appreciated!


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Do NOT connect that battery to new batteries. 

Edit: Life expectancy ... how long is that piece of string?

If you do not know the battery's history, having nurtured and measure the gravity and topped it up, equalized it and all that, you cannot know.

@Green Bum Send me a PM. I can help. ;)

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5 hours ago, Green Bum said:

Do you guys perhaps know this Louis selling at below, "final clearance"

Contacted them once. Lady answered the email and asked me to confirm my details. I replied and said that yes, this is my email address, what else does she need? Never heard from them again.

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