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Microcare 10 KW inverter


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for me on a personal note is that i cannot understand why if it's a local product, there is no incentive in terms of price to purchase one as opposed to a Victron.

One would expect local to be more competitive in pricing.

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Clint, you planning to go totally off-grid?

I am just trying to think of the logic of the 10kW unit.

You can run your stove, geyser and oven from your solar, but why.

It is very easy to either bypass them so they do not run from solar at all.


With grid-tied you can go as big or small as your solar panels, the unit can only deliver what the PV panels provide, so it is not connected in series with your existing supply.

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I want to get off the grid completely 

I am still trying to work out how I can run everything off a 5 KW inverter

I have already saved the money for 5000 w panels 10 KW inverter and 8 200 ah 12 V batteries.

My theory is that there is no reason why you have to skimp when going off the grid.  

I also believe using a more powerful inverter will be not work as hard so it should last longer

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You are a very brave man!!!

I do hope you have some type of meter on your house at this moment so you can track and record your consumption accurately.

Reason I say this is that 200Ah x 48V is not going to last long on even a 5kw invertor, nevermind a 10kw.

@ 2kw load you might be able to get 2hours from the battries before they flat.


With what you trying to do, the 6kva MLT might work much better.

1. It can combine invertor and mains output, to give you a peak output of 12kva.

2. With the smart load relay option, you will be able to connect and disconnect certain loads depending on your consumption. So while the microwave is on, the stove and kettel will be disconected.

3. Built-in options for backup generator control. For total off-grid application these functions would be essential.


Invertor reliability is directly related to the quality of the capacitors. Once those go, it is not worth it to repair. The cooler you can keep the unit, the longer the battries and the invertor will last.

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Wetkit thanks for that info,I plan to use  8   200AH batteries which should give me 19200 watts of power.

I do have a back-up generator.

My daily consumption is about 12 KWH and I can reduce that a lot

My fridge for instance is an auto defrost and it consumes a lot of power.

I will look into the MLT drive inverters

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