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Hybrid Invertors


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Not sure if any of you have heard or seen these in action?


It is a AEC 3kW unit.

Basically it is a Grid Tied invertor with battery backup.


It gives me options, as I can use it off grid until it becomes legal to push power back onto the grid.

According to the agents the price is very reasonable at around R15 400 ex VAT.


Would like to hear your comments on this unit.





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This looks like a seriously good piece of kit if it all works & is reliable.

MMPT built in, on-grid, off-grid.


You'll need what, at least 5 x 24V panels in series to get to the minimum voltage for operation?

But I would imagine that 10-15 panels would be the norm?


Any idea on the price point?



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Well, as Grid-tied is not yet allowed in CPT, it is not really worthwhile going this route, just yet.

I got a normal 2nd hand invertor for very cheap from Gumtree, so why spend 3times that for something I was not sure I could use.


Once all the legalities is sorted in CPT, this will be my first option.

2nd would be Microcare.

3rd would be SMA (Sunny Boy)


For now only 3 invertors is certified by CPT, the MLT units, Microcare and Sunny Boy. I hope this will change soon :)

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