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Shelf life of batteries


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In anticipation of my current batteries eventually losing capacity I have set money aside so that I can replace in 8 or 9 years time. But who knows how the prices will go? 

I could spend that money now. Then I know I have the batteries. But what's the shelf life? If I buy LiFe batteries now and just store them will they be as good as new a few years on? 

Also I'm wary of the prices I see now. Might it turn out that that price is for the BATTERIES and excludes cables, BMS etc? 

Plus stupid old me would have to install them. I'd go for a brand like PylonTech because my Goodwe already knows how to deal with those, but is it a matter of just hooking them up and changing the settings on the inverter? 

Oh dear... What have I got myself into? 

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Bad idea, battery technology keeps improving and in 8 or 9 years from now you will get better batteries or get the old ones for a cheaper. Also, if you buy now and store them, you will be wasting your warranty period. storing a battery with 10yr warranty for 9 yrs means you only have 1 year of warranty left for you. My advice, rather save up the cash buy new battery with plenty of warranty and better in terms of performance 

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