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Victron Inverter Advice


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I have a friend that wants to go full Victron. (He has been having endless issues with other brands)

He has now replaced his MPPT's with 2x Victron BlueSolar Charge Controller 150/85. This is charging a Lithium 7.4 SolarMD battery.

He now wants to replace his 5kw inverter but he is not sure which Victron inverter will meet his requirement of being a hybrid but being able to run Solar first, then utility, and only then Battery (SUB basically instead of the SBU). Any recommendations and what extra Victron components is needed in order for every thing to communicate correctly?



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IMO best choice your friend has ever made and he would look back

Warning becomes costly maar Goedkoop is Duurkoop!!!

Depending on his setup/needs

GX device Cerbo or Venus

Multiplus II 5 kva or Quattro MK3 cable

ET112 with RS485 to USB

Cables to connect MPPT's to GX device/Multi to GX

And cable to connect battery to GX (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:solar_md)

FYI get someone that is victron certfied to install not simple as voltronic and other setups

Not to worry Victron is very versatile that way, works intelligently

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As far as I understand it the ESS software (runs on the GX device) will do this if you select " Keep Batteries Charged" option. Other options are optimize for battery life , optimized and external control -- the optimized settings will use the battery and PV to try and reduce grid usage as much as possible.

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