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Have xcess solar power, how to store additional hot water


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Yes, I do have the temperature set to the maximum, looks like adding another geyser AND the associated wiring is going to be too much hassle, easier to turn on the geyser using a timer, early in the morning, to get the temps a up bit more ( using the grid, as the battery doc is already at the lowest setting for the day )

   Wife says I have become obsessed with NOT wanting to use the grid🤪


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19 minutes ago, Vassen said:

I have replaced the thermostat on my geyser. I now get the water to 80 degrees. Then at the output of the geyser, I add a mixing valve to ensure the water is not more than 65 degrees so the hot water lasts longer and no one gets burnt.

my geyser is outside, so I don’t have to worry what happens if it bursts. It’s still within the manufacturers specs though as the pressure valve is meant to open at 90. 

Do you know how much heat loss there is overnight?

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