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Correct charging settings for lead acid batteries

Peet Welthagen


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17 hours ago, WJP said:

20 amps per bank, 60amp charge rate in total.

That's for a charge rate of 0.1C, which I think is very cautious. Most lead acid batteries can take 0.15C, which would mean 200 x 0.15 = 30 A per paralleled string of battery modules, or 90 A total.

The settings of each inverter-charger add, so you could achieve this by setting one to 50 A maximum total charge current, and the other 40 A. Obviously, if one has more or better solar panels connected, make that the one with the 50 A limit.

The recommended charge current and voltage should be available in a specification sheet available from the manufacturer (on paper, or more commonly these days on a web page). You didn't say whether the battery modules are sealed, flooded, or AGM. If you leave the battery type setting at AGM, this will charge each 12 V module to 14.1 V, and float at 13.5 V. Those settings are pretty safe for most sealed battery modules. Ironically, actual AGM battery modules usually require higher voltages than that.

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